Another large Fella on a Bike

Strictly a hypothetical here, but if your life depended on it, could you eat the same thing every day – for a year?
Meet Scott Cutshall.
Thanksgiving 2005, Cutshall began the day with a bowl of vegetable soup. He was kicking off a new life.
He weighed 501 pounds.
The first day of his new life, he got on a bike and nearly made it 2 miles. He stopped often. Sweat a ton.
Today, Cutshall weighs 200 pounds.
My friend Stephen Regenold, The Gear Junkie, wrote about Cutshall last year. I ran the story at my former paper. And I then began to follow Cutshall’s life from afar on his blog, Large Fella on a Bike.
I’ve even emailed Cutshall a couple of times, seeking guidance, wisdom.
Since I’m enthralled with the dedication it took for this man to grab his sedentary life and became something he always wanted to be – healthy.
I’ve contemplated, seriously, to pick up the Cutshall Menu Plan:
  • Breakfast: one organic banana; one bowl of vegan soup (vegetable stock, dried herbs, rice noodles, pepper sauce, lime juice); one espresso - about 250 calories.
  • Lunch: Homemade hummus on pita wrap with pan-seared Portobello mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts and mustard; water to drink - about 400 calories.
  • Dinner: “The Mega Salad” (1 to 2 pounds of organic romaine lettuce, two organic tomatoes, one medium bunch of organic spring onions, organic garlic powder, pepper, Caesar croutons); Newman's Own "Lighten Up" Caesar dressing cut 50/50 with water; cup-and-a-half of pasta w/red sauce; one glass of wine -about 600 calories.
That, and of course getting my ass on my saddle every day.
Sure, I’m not 500 pounds. I’m not 200 pounds either.
I’m not happy with my weight, or my general fitness level.
But do I have what it takes to make changes that my life depends on?
I am fearful that I do not posses the verve to do so.


J.C. Montgomery said...

You've already made a huge change to your life hon, and are doing just fine.

I KNOW you can make another.

The only thing worse than doing it and failing, is never doing it and wondering if you ever could have.

~ kjb said...

Hm. Now I'm wondering what to do with this box of chocolate chip cookies I was about to put in the mail.

ThomG said...

Welllll, it's not like I was going to start today. In fact, I've got baseball playoff tickets this week, and we're siting in the party deck, where you get free food and beer.