Trying order amid chaos

For a time now, I’ve gotten up without an alarm, ate when I was hungry, exercised when I felt like it and went to bed when I was tired.
It’s been interesting.
But maybe not what I need.
So I decided to try a more rigid schedule for my life. Nothing weird and totally OCD, but something intended to add a bit more structure into my life.
Today was the starting point.
I can’t say that it’s gone according to plan.
Woke up with the alarm, early, with a sore throat and a splitting headache. I hope it’s a reaction from all the yellowish-green pollen that coats everything (took a 6-mile hike on Sunday and everything is in bloom).
I popped a couple of Sudafed, laid back down and realized that I promised a couple of work contacts that I would stop by and talk. They’re in the office early, so I’ve been running around trying to get the house in order to leave. I’m now running late – and I still need to get the bike on the rack, so I can ride after work (another promise I intend to keep).
Maybe this free-form thing is more me?