The Church of Logical Thought

Every once and again, I go pray at the Church of Logical Thought.
Just so I can fuck myself up even more than normal (and/or humanly possible).
I know, I know, I am a silly boy.
What does logical thought have to do with anything along the lines of the detritus of your life at present?
Scholars will be discussing that for years to come.
Anyway, my life hangs in a very serious ying/yang sort of way; balanced, I suppose, so my head doesn’t explode with pure joy.
There is very much good in my life (wink).
There is very much bad in my life.
Stepping out from below the clouds of despair is sometimes problematic.
I blame logical thought.
I mean, what would you do if you were posed this question: “What would make you happy; what would make this all fun again?”
I answered. Logically (I thought); I proposed a logical plan as to make everyone all smiley and joyous.
“That’s not going to happen,” was the response.
“Then why did you ask?” I said, defiant.
They looked at me, incredulous.
And I’m the one with the attitude problem.


J.C. Montgomery said...

Sometimes I think people ask questions not to get someone else's answer, but a confirmation of their own.

I think the only problem you have with your attitude is that it's the right one.

svojoh said...

This has happened to most everybody, my friend. I like your attitude. Trust me, remember we go way back.