Even more Fiction in 58

Sorry I’m late. I was out covering my very favorite mountain bike race, the 10th time I’ve done so. Another bittersweet moment in a series of moments as forces seem to propel me toward new opportunities in the Midwest.
Anyway, let’s keep this string of Fiction in 58 going, shall we? Something sweet to contradict the bitterness of certain situations seemingly out of my immediate control.

She stirs, stretches and rubs his course chest hair with her palms.
“I’ve got to go,” she whispers.
He sighs in protest, but she’s already slipped from beneath the covers. He walks her to the door. There, they embrace.
The bed is cool upon his return. Slipping between the sheets, he smiles.
There is heat in his heart.


J.C. Montgomery said...

A bittersweet moment caught perfectly in prose.

Well done my man!! Well done.

Anonymous said...

wtf is goin on offers:

sweet!! great feeling isn't it?

glad you got it;