Ironing board chess games

In a spurt of domesticity, I spent much of Tuesday night ironing.
Jebus, but do I have too many things that need ironing.
But it does feel good to have a practically new wardrobe that some people might never have seen.
I think I killed my iron.
In the end, it was beeping and put some pretty good burn marks in the ironing board cover.
Surprisingly, you can think and iron at the same time (some would call this the Jedi Mind Fuck). I kept thinking up quotes that would be pertinent to my life at present. Something to seize the moment, inspire.
Then I decided that a quote wasn’t going to solve things. Nor would a mission statement, manifesto or motto.
I need to do for myself.
Appointments have been scheduled, confidants have been pestered, research completed.
Forward motion.
But if you’d like a quote, there’s this one, from Jerry Maguire:

“You are hanging on by a very thin thread and I dig that about you!”