Hey, some poetry came burbling out

Unbroken plains
He stands in barren fields,
waits for life to bloom.
Fallow fields checkered with chaff,
unbroken earth, unspoken fertility.

Sow, she said, cast your seed,
let it catch on the wind, spread.
What gains purchase will astound,
a carpet of opportunity, renewed hope.

Trepidation fills his heart, his soul,
casting seed difficult to comprehend.
He heeds her words, throws off doubt,
Plants the first kernels of a new tomorrow.


J.C. Montgomery said...

What a great way to welcome National Poetry Month!!

I may not always comment, but please know that I love lurking around enjoying your blog - and this is one reason why.

Queen Of The Valkyries said...

That's totally sweet, but I think I'm not alone here in liking pissed off angst ridden T-Daddy better. Does this weird sweet side have anything to do with the new shoes you've been wearing around your house? Please, please put those things away when the real estate agent comes over next time. Kay?

Large Marge said...

Very nice piece, T Daddy - no matter what the Queen says. The shoes are phabulous, and we need some pics soon of you in them ;-)