Thursday's 3 Word Wednesday

Life necessitates that I keep this week’s 3WW short (and hopefully, sweet or bitersweet). Just 58 words. And the three Bone staked me are: picture, reflected and stop.


His stride is a glide and he walks covered in the darkness of the city after the rains washed the sins of humanity down drains. Oil-slicked puddles offer strobe light pictures and he is reflected in each as he passes. He strides to a particularly large puddle and dares a look.
But the visage remains tortured, anguished.


tumblewords said...

Nice visual piece - amazing that so much can be shown in so few words!

J.C. Montgomery said...

As usual Thom you floor me with your gift for such powerful prose!

pia said...

to dare look and remain tortured is the ultimate sadness

TC said...

the rains washed the sins of humanity down drains.

Love the visual that accompanies that line. If only it was really that easy, right?