Sometimes it's OK to be me

So I go to the library after work on Thursday to browse for books to put on my 43 Things out-of-my-comfort-level list of reading for 2007.
I got some ideas, but picked up something that was more in my comfort range – and is a quick read.
“I’m sorry, but there’s a hold on your card,” Bonnie the librarian said. “You owe $11.20 in late fees.”
That’s embarrassing.
The boy took two books with him to his dad’s place; the fees just sort of added up.
Good thing no one was standing in line behind me.
I didn’t have any scratch.
And they don't take debit cards - yet.
“Hey, you’re Thom G!” she said. “I read all your adventures! You must have been out-and-about. Tell you what, since I know you’re good for it, just pay us in 2007.”
I told her she’d have it sooner than that (the library was nearly closed for the day, so there was no chance to run by an ATM).
Then I realized that the old library (the new, fancy one doesn’t open until March) has some sketchy hours.
It might not be until 2007 that the library gets my $11.20 in late fees.
And I’m still officially embarrassed.