Christmas videos, day 3

What's the worst, strangest gift you've ever received at Christmas?
I'm not talking about tube socks, or toothbrushes in stockings, either (you needed those things, you ungrateful sot).
Something you had to unwrap that had you scratching your head all the way through Christmas dinner.
For me, it was a bowling ball.
And a bag, shoes and one of those wrist thingies bowlers wear.
I wasn't bowling - or contemplating the game - at the time.
Granted, I am Polish and I am from Nebraska (where the heritage and locale predestined me to enjoy the sport). But it was such a random gift.
I was a high school senior, I believe.
My dad ended up asking if he could use the stuff, and had the ball - a beautiful blue marble job - re-drilled for his fingers.
And bowled with it successfully in team play for years.
I, interestingly enough, finally blew out my knee during a game with the kids in 2002. Karma being what it is, maybe I should not have knocked what someone decided was a thoughtful gift.
And speaking of gifts, here's the video for "Dick in a Box."
Careful what you wish for.


TheRobRogers said...

I used to hate Justin and the more I see this vid, the more I kind of respect him. He's pretty funny.