Fast friends

I am beginning to believe that people are put in your path on purpose.
Take Bill and Julie.
Pretty much out of the blue, Julie (an actress and voice-over performer from New York by way of San Francisco) emailed me to thank me for a story I had written – and to comment on the current king salmon season on the Sacramento River (or lack thereof).
Bill (a Ph.D chemist and former CEO) and Julie got out of the rat race of the Bay Area and opened a fishing guide service and bed and breakfast.
One thing led to another, and the offer was made to go fishing.
An invitation that I might have passed on as recently as three months ago. But one I happily accepted.
We had an absolute blast.
Not only did we catch fish (Julie and I’s first of the season, with just a three weeks to go), but we connected.
We became friends.
They are both foodies, like me, and we just had fun being in each other’s company.
And it is good to have friends.
I don’t know yet what I am to learn from Bill and Julie, but I’m not going to worry about analyzing it. I’m just going to let things unfold.
By the way, Julie’s fish went 17 pounds; mine went 22 pounds. It was probably the freshest, feistiest salmon I’ve tangled with in 10 years here. I fought her for 30 minutes, and have a huge black-and-blue bruise on my hipbone, where the rod dug in.
Fish and new friends.