NORTHERN CALIFORNIA – It has been announced that Thom G. and his wife have filed for divorce, after nearly five years of marriage.
Details of the separation, and subsequent breakup, were not immediately made public.
The couple was married on March 29, 2002.
They have no children together, but she has two children – loved and cherished greatly by Thom G. – from a previous marriage.
The pair met at work in 2000.


WTF is goin on? said...

sorry to hear of this. kinda takes the joy out of this holiday season.
peace to all.


sara sue said...


I clicked through from "25 Peeps" and just wanted to stop by. Looks like we're neighbors. (N. Cal.)

I'm very sorry to hear about your divorce. I hope your heart heals quickly.


RachelRenae said...

Thom- I'm so sorry. That just sucks. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.