Six days of Christmas videos, Day 2

So, all hands got a holiday letter yesterday from our corporate CEO, who extolled the good works we had all contributed to in 2006; namely, we made the stockholders a SHITLOAD of money. How much is a shitload? Billions.
The kicker? You could hear the groans, sighs and moans at our property, as people began to open the letter and read it. Since, two weeks ago, we got an email saying that due to a lousy fourth quarter, there would be no Christmas bonuses for anyone (except, of course, the CEO and management).
What did we get last year?
Fifty fucking bucks to the mall store of our choice.
And that's my corporate "Fuck You At Christmas" moment.
But let's keep it light ('cause if you can't laugh at misfortune, you're seriously buggered).
Let's keep the fa la la in the here-and-now with another Christmas video clip (and since it's Surface Tension, warm and fuzzy has been beaten to a bloody pulp).
How's about Mark "Chopper" Read reciting "Twas the Night Before Christmas" from Australia's Ronnie John's Half-Hour TV show?
Have a Merry Fucking Christmas!


TheRobRogers said...

Constable Christmas. Man, Chopper just never gets old.

Unknown said...

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