Please welcome, if you will...

Savvy readers of Surface Tension will no doubt notice there’s a new link in the link-o-rama section; one RachelRenae has been added.
Slide on over and read the “Raging, Ranting, Raving, and Rhapsodizing” of this Denver-based blogger.
How is it, you ask, that RachelRenae gets her own welcome mat on Surface Tension?
Three reasons:
1. She’s good, and I think a woman’s voice is needed to balance out the stench of testosterone and general male angst around here;
2. She’s in transition;
3. She’s been the first real blogger (other than my close personal blogger friends) from the vast Internets to post a comment on my little slice of blogdom.
OK, I got pretty darn excited to know someone from Denver took the time to read my blog, so I emailed her. Here’s her response:
“I have a lot of free time at work and I really enjoyed reading your blog today. I'm amazed no one else has read it!
“I was just dying reading your post about nasty getting even tactics,
though I must congratulate you on your new-found maturity. Of course
you can add my site your list! I'd like to add yours to my list, if that's cool.”
It is so very cool.


RachelRenae said...

Hey, I got my own post! What an honor! Perhaps I can add my own PMS-styled angst to your testosterone-fueled "slice of blogdom". :) Thanks for the welcome post!