Christmas videos, Day 4

I once - and only once - saw my mother completely lose her shit.
During Christmas.
It was part of the 10-year period where my father tried to drown his troubles in beer and Chivas Regal. And there was a meltdown.
My mom was so good at holding things together, even when dad made it tough to do so. I credit her with keeping my childhood idyllic and happy (my troubles, it seems, came much later).
But everyone cracks.
We had one of these fake Christmas trees that I think came from Sears. Big mother. Each branch was color-coded, at the end of the wire that made the branch. the idea was to put the stick into the holder, then pile each like-colored branch in a pile and work from the bottom up. the "trunk" of the tree was made up of two poles that fit together.
My little sister and I were the only ones home at the time. We tried to help. But the trunk came undone - and mom tumbled into the tree.
"FUCK!" she yelled.
My sister and I looked at her, in shock.
She made a wonderful recovery.
"Hey, how about we make cookies!"
The tree got put up, we made cookies and I think that was the year I got a unicycle.
So you can say fuck and still have a Merry Christmas.