Tuesday's NaiSaiKu Challenge

The NaiSaiKu Challenge is a writing prompt that lets you create a fun piece of poetry. Try it yourself.

(And I apologize for not getting around to reading some of your blogs. It's been crazy time, which continues.)

a child walks cautious,
crumpled cups on these mean streets,
everyone’s hustling
everyone’s hustling,
crumpled cups on these mean streets
the child wishes, prays


Marc Latham said...

Thanks for visiting fmpoetry Thom and nice brooding poem yourself. Cheers.

Wendy Naisa said...

Thanks for posting Thom!
I keep reminding my son about 'The Paperhangers' in New York... He's gone to Canada this week, but I was more worried about him changing trains in London!

-Andy Sewina

Janet Jarrell said...

First of all, keep swimming! We certainly do not want a tragedy on this blog!

And - I love the sounds these words make - the idea is a little sad of course.

Being from small town Canada - see this The 'Hello' Connection


April said...

A little sad, but beautiful.

A few weeks ago I said I was turning a 3WW into a song...if you'd like to hear it, its on the music player widget on my sidebar over on my blog.

Stan Ski said...

sometimes just going out your front door is a suicide stroll.