OneWord - Coffin

The prompt word at OneWord is "coffin." Sixty seconds and one thought. It's how I prefer to go out.

Frugal in life, his thrift followed him into death with the explicit wish not to be buried in a casket and its sealed vault. His directions were clear: a simple coffin made of woven seagrass, biodegradable and no vault. A plot in an unmanicured field. A simple stone to mark his final place on Earth.


Helena said...

I enjoyed that. I felt I was back in the high school examination hall but on a ridiculous time scale. Might have to visit there more often!

Dee Martin said...

I'm with you Thom - If they feel the need to spend money they can throw one hell of a party (though I would just as soon they threw the party before I go so I can enjoy it too)