OneWord - Pit

The word at OneWord? Pit. Hmmm. Not my best.

The angst, anger and rage sank into his stomach, a hollow pit of darkness where he tried to swallow it all, tried to control it. He'd shiver, not so violent that outwardly people would notice, then screw on a smile that no one would call sincere. Checking the mirror, he nodded. He'd fed the pit, satiated its darkness, his face again a smooth, calm sea.


Jane Doe said...

I like it, very powerful. I could feel his rage as though it were my own. Maybe cuz I've been there myself many times! That rage will devour a person though if they let it.

Donna said...

I'm going to agree that it's not your best, which is very incidental. In the big picture, I'd say your "not your best" works amount to less than half-a-percent. You're more than entitled to an off day.

All I can say is - Hooray!! I was beginning to think you weren't human! :)

Daily Panic said...

It's the writing that you achieved, good or bad.
You are inspiring to me as a writer because you accept the challenge and do it. I need to be writing more.