OneWord - assume

The prompt over at OneWord is assume. Sixty seconds and a cloud of words.

He picked up his mobile and paused. She’d been less than specific, saying only to call when he was clean. But there’s so many layers of sobriety, he thought. He assumed she meant when he was over the shakes, past the blackouts. But he wasn’t sure. So pocketing the mobile, he vowed to go on, for now, alone.


Donna said...

Good! She said it because she figured he'd never BE clean.

Hmmmm ... maybe I'm just down on romance at the moment.

Jane Doe said...

Good thing he didn't call, she probably would have hung up on him!

I don't know if you do awards, but I've been giving out awards to some of my readers and I have one for you at my blog. If you don't do them, don't feel you have to pass it on or anything.

Have a great day,