Monday's Fiction in 58

The idea is to create a complete thought, a slice of story, in 58 words. Here you go:


It was after their lovemaking, in the dull quiet following the playful banter of their frenzy.
Her head rested on his stomach, auburn hair tumbling across her face as he breathed. She traced lazy circles around his nipples with a finger. He put a warm hand on her exposed back.
“Make an honest man of me,” he whispered.


Dee Martin said...

whew, fanning self now :) I am trying to talk my self into trying this. It would be a great exercise for in being succinct.

missalister said...

Well, well! Double bang for the buck here. Not only do I receive the pleasure of another of your clever 58’s, I get to read a comment by Dee apparently all heated up over the sex scene and sayin’ she’s getting ready to try that at home ; ) That’s what I might have thought if I hadn’t read your comment on her site suggesting she give 58’s a try LOL!

Dee Martin said...

Glad you clarified that for me. I have got to learn to really read what I write BEFORE I click publish :)
Meh - we get entirely too serious sometimes - glad I could provide a little comic relief!!

Donna said...

Absolutely loved this!

Dee, I knew what you meant, but missalister's comment was too funny! LOL!