Time warp

Sleeping on the bed from your childhood, nestled under your old sleeping bag (covered with ‘60s slogans), quite possibly is one of the steps to stop time.
The other steps remain a mystery.
The dark coolness of the basement is filled with familiar noises, the house as it groans and creaks, the snore of dogs, their noses tucked under paws because of the chill (the desk thermometer says 55 degrees, which is perfect for long, luxurious slumber).
Time is caught here. Oh, it moves, always advancing, always forward, but there’s this chance to breathe, to think. Unhooked from the harried pace of real life.
It isn’t a vacation. Those require backpacks and sunscreen, fishing gear, climbing equipment, snorkels, passports.
This is a time to ponder. To get caught in the warp of time and to savor friends and family – and decide which steps need to be taken. Listen to the calm, the quiet and take comfort and solace that when you enter back into the stream of time, the current of your life that you’ve stepped out of for this week, thinks need to be done. Plans laid out, your future tracked.
Hopes and dreams realized.


quin browne said...

so beautifully written... dreams to realise, indeed.