The NaisaiKu Challenge

It’s Tuesday, the day when people start posting for the NaiSaiKu Challenge. It’s a poem with a strict syllable count. The title is the third line, in all caps. An interesting exercise. Try creating one yourself.

Thunderclouds posture,
rain taints the air with sweetness,
lightening cackles,
lightening cackles,
rain taints the air with sweetness,
thunderclouds posture


Rajlakshmi said...

wow... I could already hear the thunderclouds... :)
beautifully penned... :)

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Hi Thom, sounds like our April showers!

gautami tripathy said...

Send those here. It is VERY hot!

pot pourri

Anonymous said...

This is a lyrical Naisaiku.

We've also had the showers over the last few days.

LadyGarfield said...

We had a few showers last week too. It's a happy poem.

zoya gautam said...

..thanks for this well written verse thom - enjoyed it ..