Sunday Scribblings: Follow

The prompt over at Sunday Scribblings is “Follow.”
“I find this whole concept of following very intriguing. Sunday Scribblings, for example, can be followed in Blogger, in Bloglines and Google Reader to name just a few. Who do you follow? How do you decide what to follow? Do you follow anything else? People, pets, television shows, careers, really slow drivers, toddlers, family lines, rules, regulations, paths, routes, celebrities, all need to be followed in one way or another. Tell us your take on ‘follow.’ ”

Let’s look at this in a Fiction in 58.

Swine Flu
I wasn’t born to follow.
Nor do I want to lead.
The dichotomy of being, I guess.
Left to my own devices, I’m most happy.
Put me in social situations, I twitch.
The brilliance of the pathogen will be my greatest gift to humanity – well, to me anyway.
See, I’m immune.
You’re not.
Finally, some quiet already.


anthonynorth said...

Clever use of a current topic. I liked it.

Dee Martin said...

interesting take on a disease :)

danni said...

i twitch, too - please pass the pathogen this way --- very clever post, thom g!!!

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Phew, very topical, I hope you are immune!

Tumblewords: said...

Well done! With any luck at all...

MichaelO said...

Current as a headline, Newsman! Are we all immune to ourselves? "Finally, some quiet already"; I've searched but I can't seem to find the meaning of this one?

floreta said...

great commentary! very relevant.