For 21 days, the diet was simplicity itself.
No meat. No dairy. No alcohol. No processed sugar. No caffeine. No bread, save for whole wheat tortillas.
Some called it a fast, but there was plenty to go around.
All vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes and olive oil. In healthy portions.
And lots of water.
It was a little more expensive, some more preparation, thought. But a funny thing happened in the process.
The aches went away, the headaches, the insomnia. Weight melted off.
It was easy, simple really.
No meals eaten over the sink. A lot of roast vegetables and brown rice. Dessert, always. A piece of fruit, or organic, pure fruit juice frozen into slushies.
After it was all done, there was 12 pounds less of me. There was happiness, less stress.
And then I started adding things back, caffeine, meat, alcohol.
The aches came back, the insomnia.
Lessons learned.


Hal Johnson said...

Yep. "Eating clean," the fitness gurus call it. I've found much the same holds true: it really isn't that hard to get there, but it's all too easy to let the "bad" things sneak back in.

LadyGarfield said...

good food/general habits are always so hard.. bad habits are always so easy.

missalister said...

Haha, yes, bad is good and simple is hard. Complete rewiring job required.