Wednesday's Three Word Wednesday

The word prompts over at Three Word Wednesday are inappropriate, order and shortcut.

Future Battlefields

The order was given: Advance on enemy positions, terminate with extreme prejudice.
Up and down the line, sweat clings to the liners of our VR1A tactical receiver/helmets.
Or the memory of sweat. Or heat, or sound, sensations for that matter.
Battles were now waged in pod simulators, soldiers wired for war while floating in an embiotic goo we nicknamed spooge.
As inappropriate had been to send a nation’s youth into battle with bullets and tanks and rocket-propelled grenades, this new shortcut was just as deadly.
A KIA here means a lethal does of nerve agent. Probability and statistics, really. You’re number up when the computer selected your 18-diget induction number.
Of course they’re be the obligatory email home, your ashes wrapped in a flag, credits deposited into the accounts of your next-of-kin.


Amarettogirl said...

Wow - this was a mind blowing snippet into a future I rarely consider... warfare - original and fresh! I like the visual of the sweat on the helmets. That second to last paragraph is loaded with so much potential you can take this story into so many bigger places!
Great post and use of the 3words! Mine is called Growing an Ocean's Tail...

TC said...

Wow. I think war the way it is now is horrific enough to envision: I don't want to think too far ahead to what it might become.

gautami tripathy said...

It might become a reality. Scary..

long and short of it