Midwesterners have an accent?

There are these times when it feels like I’m living immersed in dialogue from “Fargo.”
Went to Falls Park Sunday to cover “Shakespearience!” the local theatre company’s free annual presentation of The Bard. Since the park has a visitor center, I figured I’d pick up a map of South Dakota to hang on my desk.
Two older women were working, quietly folding T-shirts while people streamed in and detoured right to the observation tower.
“Hi, I’m new to South Dakota and was wondering if you had a state map I could have.”
(In a Frances McDormand Fargo accent) “Oh good heavens, well you don’t say,” one woman said. “Where you coming from, then?”
“California. But I grew up in Nebraska.”
(In the same Frances McDormand Fargo accent) “Oh, well good for you, hon,” the other woman said. “That’s a good move, there. We’re glad to have you back.”
“Oh yah.”
“So whatta do for a living then, hon?”
“Reporter. I’m here covering Shakespeare in the park.”
“You don’t say? Are you a feature writer then?”
“Oh my goodness, isn’t that nice Linda?”
“That sure is, yah.”
“Well, I’ve got to get to the mill.”
“Well, you have yourself a good night. And we’ll be watching for your byline tomorrow, won’t we Linda?”
“Oh, yah.”

And I’m sure its exactly what they both did with today’s paper.


Ambercita said...

Ya darn tootin'! Should you see those ladies again, you can bet you're going to get an invite to have coffee and 'bars'.

Purple Houses said...

Yah. That's a great story, there.