Old habits, the old way of doing things, are hard to kill off. It’s like I’ve been institutionalized by the man, and I can’t seem to cut it on the outside.
Had one of those, “Hey, let’s drink the grape Kool-Aid” days Wednesday. Or I thought I did.
Twelve hours later and I’m still a bit fuzzy on the whole issue.

Having time to work on one story (with four short sidebars) for Sunday (and being left alone to do it) has me completely wigged that I’m not pulling my weight. My last two stories ran on Monday. Are they looking? And they questioning where the time goes?
No, they’re not.
They’re monitoring my progress – but not hovering. And they’re helping to focus the issues. They’re making suggestions.
I’ve not had competent editing like this in 10 years. And by competent, I mean an honest give-and-take.
All of this newness has me now so worked up that I worry that the Sunday piece will suck Oscar Meyer wieners.

Writers. We’re a neurotic lot.


The Queen said...

Come here just a little closer baby, and I'll slap ya, and good. It is the 10th day of July after all, and the therapist is in until the kegs are tapped over at Library Park.

katy C said...

Relax, stay away from the Kool-Aid and have a beer (later). It's difficult getting used to being appreciated instead taken for granted. You will adjust to this new world - it just takes time.

chrisn said...

Good day and good work! Isn't it wonderful to be able to do just one job and then do a good job at it? I longed for those days.
Check out he sports page at the Wichita Eagle. The outdoor editor does a good job and there is lots of easy to navigate info on the page in agate.
I'm actually putting in an app to the Eagle here in Wichita... wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I resemble that remark.


Uncle E said...

Queen, when are you going to get a blog?
Thom, glad to hear you're doing well.