Wednesday's Three Word Wednesday

The word prompts over at 3 Word Wednesday are indifferent, pour and reason. Great words, Bone.

I actually sketched an idea for a story – science fiction, no less – in the nightstand notebook last night. Will be working on that for a time. Still no Internets at the home base, and I’m still feeling my way around the new job. So be patient. I can see a calm in The Tension (I really can).

And since I haven’t done a 6S lately, here’s homage to Rob’s great writer’s site (what can you say in Six Sentences?):

A Munich Agreement
The wine he pours into the bulbous red wine glasses is weighed in her favor; about two-fingers more than he’s allowed himself.
It’s an overt appeasement, not in a Neville Chamberlain butt-kissing kinda way, but close. The bottle is old, expensive and he’s horded it for years; as he pours, he picks up the earthy aroma of oak, chocolate, ripe berries.
She walks through the kitchen just to see what he’s up to; she brushes lightly past him, like an indifferent cat.
She lifts the wine glass from the counter, brushes past him again, tip-toes from the room sly and silent.
He’ll go to her in time, he reasons, the bottle in his hand, an apology in his heart.


TC said...

Hmm, wonder what he's apologizing for?

pia said...

The description was lovely. the reason unnecessary or so I think

Joyce said...

Very nice. I'm glad he's going to apologize. Whew!

Lou said...

Nothing says I'm sorry like two-buck chuck, IMHO.

Glad things are movin' and groovin' in the Dakota territories. There's a lot to be said for the benefits of a fresh start, wiping the old hard drive and downloading new stuff. Plus, no way it's as smoky there as it is here.

And Nicole Teter is going to the Olympics! She's a tenacious one, I'll tell you what.

More later,

pjd said...

LOL, Lou. Two buck chuck.

I think that apology better be on his lips as well as in her heart. Unspoken apologies frequently go unaccepted.

tumblewords said...

Love this - I know those feelings and the wine is well described!

San said...

lovely. indifferent cat is just so perfect. :)