And introducing Lenny, as himself

I was in the aisles at PetSmart with Trin to pick up a bag of chow, when she got to an encap and stuck her nose into the little blue-tinged (sad) containers of beta fighting fish.
And that’s how it came to be that I adopted Vladimir “Lenny” Lenin.
(I cannot speak to his Communist leanings, but he is originally from Cambodia and/or Thailand.)
He looks tough (yet cool) and eats frozen bloodworms.
Granted, he’s probably not going to get into the kind of shenanigans that the girls get into (thankfully).
But I think he adds something to the place. He might even tie the room together.


TC said...

Hi Lenny! :)

He's a cutie. I love betas.

RachelRenae said...

Does he say, "Must... crush...communism... argh!" as he swims around his tank?