SeeqPod Music is a widget with teeth

As an internationally famous blogger (who is so full of shit that my eyes are brown), the team over at SeeqPod asked that I test-drive its seek-out-and-play music search engine.
Tiny robots at the home office are employed to do a "music and video search so that anyone, anywhere can mine the deepest crevices and corners of the Web for media that is publicly available, yet not always easy to find."
It's totally, 100 percent free.
And it's legal.
The site, like Google and Yahoo!, does not host the information. It's a search engine, but it seeks out music and music videos that play in a stripped-down interface that's really idiot-proof. It's still in beta, and some things are a bit buggy like trying to use the shuffle play, but I am totally impressed.
Because you can save playlists and embed them right into your blog. Here's one, called Punky Brewster, I just put together:

SeeqPod Music beta - Playable Search

(If bad language offends you, DO NOT listen to the live version of "Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government)" as it is very bad.)

I typed in a bunch of artists; SeeqPod found most of them. And if it didn't, you get a message saying "We'll start looking for The Chesterfield Kings right now, please check back later."

Social Distortion's "Telling Them" track? Supposedly, it's a demo from around 1979. And it is a version I don't have, which confuses me, since supposedly Social D's first demo tapes were cleaned up and put out as "Mainliner: Wreckage from the Past." I listened to both tracks, back-to-back, and the one SeeqPod found is different, more raw. More like four kids cutting their first demo.
The Replacement's "10 Jailhouse Rock" track? It's a bootleg from a 1983 show at Fitzgerald's in Houston. If you ever got to see The Mats live, Paul Westerberg usually asked, "Any requests?" and the band would launch into a drunk-sloppy version of whatever caught Westerberg's attention. The Elvis Presley cover is pure, live Mats.

I found Angry Samoans (but, unfortunately, both versions of "Light it Up" won't play and someone made "Screwdriver" PG) and I found Leonard Cohen; I found The Chesterfield Kings for the Queen of Valkyries (SeeqPod's handy robots found four tracks in less than 10 minutes) and I found spoken-word stuff from Jello Biafra and Henry Rollins.

My one beef? Try to embed a playlist on a two-column Blogger template in the right-hand column and you'll cut off three-quarters of the player. The team needs a thinner player for two-column templates. But it is the best way to add music to your blog, a little background toe-tap whilst your guests ingest your daily ramblings.

If I had any money, I'd buy as much stock in SeeqPod as I could. The potential is that huge.
Check it out for yourself here.


svojoh said...

I got a couple bucks that I need to dispose of soon. Lets buy it! Partners?