Holiday Fiction in 58

What a joy it is to have a fully functional computer again. Magic of the season, I guess.
It's getting down to it kiddies, I hope you've all been good. But if naughty is what you were going for, then that's OK too.

Here's a little Fiction in 58, holiday style:

Dad's fake beard
Darkness, pierced by twinkling lights, captured the boy’s attention. He let his gaze soften, loose sharpness as his eyes met the frost on the windowpane.
It was sprayed on. Their Christmas tree, plastic.
He turned, laid his head in his hands and stared at the ceiling.
Life sure was more complicated now, since he'd learned Santa’s true identity.


~ Kerri ~ said...

Sniff!! With my 9-year-old daughter on the verge of being that very child, that got me all misty! :-( Wishing you plenty of holiday magic of your own.

uNCLE e said...

...AND!?!? AND??!!??

Come on, man, finish the damn story! What happens to Dad? Who IS Santa?


ThomG said...

Doncha remember when you found out the your dad was Santa? Total grown-up moment.

uNCLE e said...

Yeah, just givin' ya a hard time, that's all.
Great job, man!