Goals: My improved 43 Things

Over at 43 Things, I've been editing down Things I accomplished in 2007 (like enter and finish a mountain bike race) and ridding the list of things that no longer fit my "demographic" (buy a bigger house and entertain more). I edited the list down to 20 Things.
For a week now, I'd throw new goals onto a list. I figure I'd update my 43 Things by the New Year.
And if the list didn't hit 43 Things, I'd be OK with that.
I surprised myself when I looked to see exactly 23 new goals on my list Friday, which have now joined the 20 leftovers.

Here's the updated list:
• Solo hike the John Muir Trail.
• Stop biting my nails.
• Attend a summer writers’ workshop, preferably the Iowa Summer Writers Festival.
• Volunteer more.
• Expand my circle of friends.
• Complete at least one crossword puzzle a week.
• Build time into my life to do absolutely nothing.
• Audition and perform in a community theater production.
• Extricate myself from the newspaper industry.
• Get a short story published in a literary magazine.
• Treat myself to an indulgence once a month.
• Switch from coffee to yerba mate.
• Take a yoga class.
• Let go of the past.
• Try snowboarding.
• Write more poetry and have it published.
• Work out every single day, rain or shine.
• Be more spontaneous.
• Do more with less.
• Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination.
• Mentor a child.
• Reduce my intake of products made of corn to fresh corn only.
• Freelance a story for a major publication.
• Write more - and longer - short fiction pieces.
• Rid myself of all the clutter in my life; be ready to move on a moment’s notice.
• Take a multivitamin daily.
• Buy a road bike and a kayak – and use them religiously.
• Never again eat fast food.
• Make my blog more literary in nature.
• Learn Italian.
• Step out from the black cloud that sometimes hovers above me.
• Learn to play the guitar.
• Take up target archery.
• Organize a game night with friends at least once a month.
• Take an art class.
• Read more poetry.
• Host an elegant, seven-course dinner party for friends.
• Learn enough HTML to make my blog three columns and freshen up the design.
• Be independent of credit cards by 2010.
• Get at least one more tattoo.
• Live in Italy for a year.
• Travel to all 50 states.
• Try "la Fée Verte" "the Green Fairy," or Absinthe on my 45th birthday.

What do you want to do with your life in 2008 - and beyond?


fuzzballdaddy said...

I am so with you on many of those goals. Especially: 1)Expand my circle of friends, So many wonderful people at CX events. 2) Complete at least one crossword puzzle a week. Just bought a monthly issue of "Favorite Easy Crosswords", it's kicking my butt! 3)Switch coffee to yerba. I quit coffe for english tea 10 years ago but I just got a yerba straw for Christmas. 4)Mentor a child. Y.M.C.A. 5)Reduce intake of corn products. Organic only preferably Blue or Red corns. NO high fructose corn syrup! 6)Never eat fast food again. ABSOLUTELY refuse to support that industry! 7)Learn to play guitar. I've been playing for 40 years. Now it's time to really learn. 8)Host an elegant, seven course dinner party for friends. My take is a Vegan potluck with friends once a month.

Phil Fountain said...

Great "To Do" list! I share quite a few of your goals. Here's to a great 2008!

tumblewords said...

I admire your list of goals! Good luck! I've cut my down to nil. I feel like I've met most of mine and haven't come up with a new sheet yet.

lisrobbe said...

Great list of goals. You have nudged me to tidy up my 43 things list that I neglected after I started it who knows when.