Feeling like the weather

Bursts of wind blow raindrops onto windowpanes and sounds like animal claws on hardwood floors. The air rustles tree limbs that sway silent without the cover of leaves.
Overcast skies paint everything gray. The color is toned down, but please don't adjust your set, we're not having technical difficulties.
You rise to meet the day, the day meets you with this wet kiss and its all you can do to drag yourself to the coffee maker, the shower.
Cool, rainy, overcast weather has a power over me.
The power to toss a blanket over everything. Dull it down.
Maybe it's that. Maybe it's just the general lull in life at this particular time, this particular moment.
Lulls are built into each life, I know. Windless times when your sails can find no purchase.
Dull times when you move through the day, without it moving you.
I'm not depressed, even mildly. I've got plenty to do, plenty to see, but its like I'm caught in this gigantic box and the air is beginning to get a might stale.
There is a bit of stasis to my life; "a state or period of stability during which little or no evolutionary change in a lineage occurs."
Not that this is a bad thing.
Just kind of boring.

Like the weather.
Out-of-sorts, as this picture - taken by the Queen of Valkries - clearly shows:


Truth in the Trees said...

Disturbing picture, but interesting at the same time...

Queen Of The Valkyries said...

It took me days to remember the brand. I was thinking Lays? Ruffles? No, they've got ridges. Ahhhhhh, yes. It's a Pringle, Mr Potatochiphead!