Merry Christmas, one and all

Here at The Tension, we try to maintain some form of secular humanism.
My beliefs are mine; you are free to believe what you wish.
It's (mostly) a free planet.

But on a day like today, Christmas Day, with the garland and the tinsel and the shopping and the spending and the hubris of it all to remember the true meaning of the day.

Here's Linus, from "A Charlie Brown Christmas," with that reminder:


Anonymous said...

Man... I love that part.

Happy Christmas, home-skillett, and all those readers out there.

I've got to go wake up Santa. We must have been his last stop because he knocked over a bunch of stuff and passed out on the couch. He must have been half-way in the bag.

Peace and love, out!

Mistress of the Mix said...

Santa definitely showed up at my sister's house in Portland where we're hanging right now, and my daughter kept tabs on his progress throughout the world last night via Norad hoping that he'd make it here to bring her a science kit she's been hoping for (she got it). People say to me all the time, "You KNOW she doesn't believe anymore and is just pretending because she doesn't want you to know, right? I mean come ON, she's ten!"
But today at about noon, after the teary eyed realization that she forgot to plant her candy cane seeds last night, I know better. The seeds, when planted and sprinkled with magic Christmas glitter, will grow into candy canes overnight - but only on Christmas Eve. We were so busy last night with other things that we completely forgot. Today at about 1pm I found her silently tearing up and pouting in a corner over her missed opportunity. I realized that yup, she's a believer. Gosh I love her.