That ol' physical rhythm

There is a nickel-sized abrasion on the underside of my left forearm, and a few other scrapes received from knocking into a manzanita bush Wednesday night while on a short mountain bike ride.
The big abrasion hurts like a bitch.
I couldn’t be happier.
Lest you think I’m into pain (I’m not), it isn’t the pain so much as it is the pleasure of how I got it. In the saddle on my mountain bike. Not paying real close attention to how close this bush was to the trail.
Because I was in a physical rhythm.
I was moving my body through a short workout (so I could then have a couple of beers with friends).
Being in a physical rhythm has become nearly as important in my life as eating (I don’t do either quite enough). A hike, a walk, a mountain bike ride, a paddle on the lake. Physical movement.
It does a body good.
While on my swing through the Midwest, I was promised wonderful workout rooms at the hotels where we were booked. Never believe the desk folks at either the Holidome, or the Best Western. One elliptical machine and one treadmill does not make a workout room. I think I took one walk the entire two weeks.
And I think that’s the big reason why I felt a bit surly.
I face a shitload of challenges in my life.
But they don’t nearly feel as crushing to me now. I face what I need to face, because I feel in a rhythm.
It sounds simple. A little hokey, right?
It’s the truth.
I crave exercise. The mind needs it. The body needs it.
The best workout I got in this week was a hike to the Top of the World, a 1,300-foot-elevation spot that overlooks the city. From this perch, you get this stunning 360-degree view. And you have to work for it. The trail starts at 750 feet in elevation and meanders through manzanita, oak and gray pine hills.
It took us a little more than two hours to go up and back.
Two of the best hours I’ve spent on this planet.
And yet, I am nowhere near the level of physical rhythm I’d like to be in.
And that’s the challenge. For me, for everyone who enjoys and understands their own physical rhythm.
Life comes at you pretty fast. The trick is to get out of the way long enough to recharge.


RachelRenae said...

I know what you mean. I need to move like I need to breath.

Lately I've been running- I've always hated to run, but lately I've become addicted to the way it feels, and the way I feel afterwards.