Dreams, recurring

The dream starts the same pretty much every time. I get home to find a very old man in an old-fashioned suit, sitting in my plastic Adirondack chair watering the flowerbeds.
Before I can ask what the fuck, he says, “ThomG, sit a spell and let’s chat.”
There’s no fear or trepidation. No anger. No confusion.
I sit. He smiles. He asks if I believe.
“In what?”
“In good things coming to good people.”
I say I’m skeptical. I tell him that it is in my nature to do so. That yes, I would hope good things come to good people, but that the good things in life come with a lot of hard work. That I’d love to have certain things, but that it just doesn’t happen.
“What would you like?”
And just to prove my point, I tell him I want to have a body that matches the image of myself in my head.
And it happens. I’m fit, toned – and my wrecked knee is 100 percent.

Recurring dreams, according to research, can be informative – and extremely important to decipher. Recurring dreams come for two reasons: The dreamer has a recurring pattern in waking life that has not been consciously recognized; or the dreamer has a cyclical area of unresolved feelings or concern.
“Whatever your recurring dream, you can assume it is reflecting something in your current life situation, even if the dream takes you back in time. Presuppose there is something useful and constructive within your recurring dreams, and examine the action and setting from a metaphorical perspective. These dreams can reflect the pieces of your life in a more meaningful whole, so sort through their action carefully. Examine the common dream themes to stimulate your personal associations to dream imagery, but remember, these descriptions are strong probabilities, not rules. You are the best judge of what your dreams reveal.”

I begin to ask for other things. My home is remodeled. I become a novelist. Family get their wishes answered; friends do as well.
And since my home is remodeled and paid off (and I’m a novelist, so I get my dream home, a little California custom cabin built on 10 beautiful acres) – I sell the old one for a $1 to a young couple with three children because it’s not only the right thing to do, but it feels good to help them when they’ve helped me with a simple gesture of including me for a holiday meal.
I am able to give my friend, a fantastic editor, the chance to edit my books – and other books for my publisher. A chance to work from home, work within a framework where he’d be fantastic.
I give a young man the sight back in his eye; this allows him to get his life back on track and become the man he wants to be.
I fix things for people.
And you know, there’s not much retribution, either. Not so much as you’d think. OK, a little. She simply gets all the bad karma back that she’s sent out into the world.
But it is minor, compared to the good that I’m able to do for myself – and my circle of people I love and trust.
It turns out being a very happy dream.

What does it all mean? What does it reveal?
If I am to be the best judge of my dreams, I’d say it means be the person I am finding among the layers.
That when I help myself, I can help others.


Hilda said...

So, does this old man mention your great legs?

Kimbolina said...

I'm happy about your dreams, and I think you have potential you don't always realize. If you find some meaning in dreams, pay attention to that and learn from it.

Oh, and you can include me as a backup editor for your books. I could work from home in Hawaii, and you could come visit for inspiration.