Roadtrip! (unintended)

"As best I can figure, we get tested so that we know we can handle whatever comes our way. I get it in stages, but it never stops. The good is weighed with the absolutely abysmal, and then something fantastic comes along to continue the tipping and balancing of the scale."
In a couple of hours, I'm going to take Trinity to the opthamologist.
An animal eye doctor.
In Sacramento.
Nevermind that I'm missing an entire day of work - I do it gladly, if we can fix whatever's going on with Trin's eye - but this roadtrip isn't going to be cheap. And there's a little fear there. OK, a lot of fear.

My vet just didn't see much improvement. He seems to think there's still some foreign body floating around, irritating everything. That's why Trin looks like Popeye, with one eye in a permanent squint.
He deadened the eye and poked around again with a medical swab and tweezers. We couldn't find - or see - anything.
"It's time she go see the opthamologist - what's your schedule like?"
And he explaind that the closest eye vet was in Sacramento.
At least he got me in with the eye specialist quickly. It's a 21/2-hour drive to the office.
But since poking around the eye again, Trin has kept her eye open.

Just life, or another test?
Doesn't matter, really. Test or life, she's still my dog and I love her and I'd gladly take off work and roadtrip with her.


RachelRenae said...

Hey, man! Poor Trinity! I hope they can do something for her eye. :(

Just wanted to tell you that I'm back. Check my latest post...