Sleep refuses to visit. For more than a few hours, anyway.
Friends tell me I'm stressed out. They tell me it is a sign that my mind is crisis.
They tell me to try a nightcap.
Warm milk.
Read a book by low-light.
Prescription sleep aids (which I appreciate, but there the ones that cause sleep-eating and sleep-driving, so the three given remain in the Ziploc sammich bag they were brought it; I don't want to go skitzo or anything).

I go to sleep just fine.
I then wake up. Hell, I feel rested.
Problem is, 3 a.m. is no time to get up.
So I stay in bed and try to find a comfortable spot and relax. think happy thoughts.
I guess i could use the time to my benefit. Work, write, clean house. But I'm fearful of that, too. What if I start getting up when my body thinks it needs to get up and I create myself an alternate reality? That would be bad.

A friend told me that my circadian rhythm was off. Probably. That's the body's 24-hour clock. I looked it up. I am having an irregular sleep-wake pattern.
The interesting thing is, research into chronobiology (there's a short-story in that subject) found that all cells in the body carry the circadian rhythm; but some respond to light and some - namely liver cells - respond to feeding.
That's where I'm all fucked up.
I don't have the whole of myself balanced.
I don't eat regularly.
Which throws off my workouts, hell, my work.
And I don't sleep.

It's interesting to know what you need to do to be a healthy, functioning human. Then ignore the fuck out of it.


Kelly said...


I have snuck into your blog before but Im not sure if I have ever posted. I found you through Beth.

I had to comment on this:) It is 4 am here and yep I am awake on the computer- having insomnia for almost 8 years is a drag. I think I know what your precription is (Ambien?) I have been given Zopiclone- I thikn it is Lunesta in the US.

You are right- it is amazing how people can function on little sleep. The best natural thing I have tried is Tryptophan or H5- HTP to boost your serotonin. Melotonin never worked for me-

Anyway- good luck. Insomnia sucks bigtime and a horrible pattern.

Oh- and for the sleep eating- been there. ugh.

Anonymous said...

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