More is less

There can be only one.
As in corporation. And some day, we’ll get everything – from cable to cell service to electrical service – from this one entity.
For now, it’s best to fuck with the corporations that are duking it out.
Especially Internet service providers.
I’m paying $42.95 for cable Internet. (Large corporation) has brought DSL to the hood, with a same-service price of $24.95 a month, with three months free for a year (that’s $18.71 a month).
I called (large cable corporation) to say I wanted a price break.
Anthony, who sounded like he had a mouthful of rocks, said that I had the best package and price. He was a dick. I just asked, if he had a choice between $42.95 and $18.71, what would he do?
“I’ll transfer you to disconnect.”
Where Becky, a very nice young lady, told me that sure, she could give me my level of service – for $19.95 a month.
But that there would be a $10 fee, since I don’t have another service from (large corporation). And then, taxes and fees, I’m looking at $32.95.
“But, if you get basic cable – and you don’t even have to be home – I can give you the service for $24.95.”
“But I don’t watch TV.”
“No, you just have to get our basic cable tier for $3.98 – that’s 22 channels - and I can save you more money.”
It makes sense, and it doesn’t.
So the technician comes over and unlocks the cable box and flips a switch.
And I find I have expanded basic. Something like 70 channels.
“I’m sure you’re going to tell them about it,” Moonstone said.
Yeah, right.
Charity begins at home.


TheRobRogers said...

I hate dealing with cable companies. But hey, you're basically paying half what you were and getting cable. So I guess everyone wins.