Poetry corner

Yeah, I dabble in poetry. The interesting thing is, I never know when and where it's going to come out. I ended up writing most of this down in bed, in the soft part of the day just before sleep comes. I took a look in the morning, and fleshed it out.

It's called "The Kiss"

The small talk ends;
And the awkward silence begins
Collectively, chests heave with a sigh;
Grins on the verge of laughter
Clumsy teenagers again;
Anxious, confused, excited
An embrace that comes too quick;
Lips press
The kiss
Lips press, but smiles underneath;
Her eyes are open, and so are yours
Eyes locked, focus, but fantasy, too;
One kiss, another and another
Lips press, eyes locked;
The kiss ends
Two hearts skip;
Until the next


Skigirl said...

One word. Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

A comment on the last two posts: I hope you and your Dad both get cut some slack, but obviously you are both tough MoFo's and will deal either way. Your poetry is good, and an indication that you are getting some slack (or at least some pleasure)?

Take care of yourselves. CS