Get out

It's not all about doom, gloom and self-introspection here at Surface Tension.
Sometimes, I have a bit of fun, too.
Saturday was a day to get out in Northern California (as is the forecast for Sunday, too).
I started out with a mountain bike ride along the Sacramento River Rail Trail (yeah, it's easy, I'm a wuss, but I didn't feel like falling at 9 a.m.) It was an out-and-back to Motion Creek (about 10 miles):
After a hot shower and a beer, it was off to the Sacramento River Trail for a seven-mile hike with Trinity and my friend, Don. Of course, I left the camera in the truck.
But is was a beautiful day - and the trail was a lot less crowded than we'd thought (it was cold in the shade).
We were on the south side of the trail, when we thought we spied a couple of coyote getting a drink on a rock bar. We watched the pair move across the shallow water toward shore, when I realized that it was a pair of bobcat.
Did I mention that the camera was in the truck?
These were big cats, moving without a care at 3:30 in the afternoon.
And that is why I live here.


RachelRenae said...

I love Colorado, but you keep posting these beautiful pictures and I'm a little bit jealous. Right now, you can actually get to the grocery store without 4-wheel-drive. You can go for a bike ride. Here, the wind is howling yesterday it snowed. AGAIN. Frickin A.

Skigirl said...

How fabulous! The current weather in England is rain, rain and more bloody rain. The long dark nights are miserable.

I don't mind the cold...(of course, I'm skigirl!!) it's just the bloody rain and dark. Sooo envious of the Californian climate and the effect it thus has on daily life i.e. getting out on your mountain bike for 10 miles.

Hope you managed to blow a few cobwebs away!