I’ve completed my 43 Things.
Yeah, it’s a life-list, but there are options on it for Things that will be accomplished – and thus I can scratch one off, and add another.
Some Things are more ongoing.
Like building in time to my life to do absolutely nothing, stop beating myself up mentally.
Or indulgences.
One of my goals is to indulge myself once a month. Do something just for me.
Sometimes, that is going to be hard, as money is really tight. But every indulgence doesn’t have to cost-analysis summery attached to it.
Most, however, probably will.
I’m talking everything from the simple (a pound of fresh-roasted coffee, dinner out and a movie, a massage, a soak at Stewart Mineral Springs) to the no so simple (new Oakley Spike titanium sunglasses, a weekend in San Francisco, a new tattoo, buy a hot tub).
Something that says, “Hey, you’re fucking OK.”
I told my buddy Jason about it, and said I might want to get a tanning package.
“Dude, you’re the darkest guy I know,” he said.
“Yeah, my arms and my face, since I’m outside all the time,” I said.
Then I mentioned, casually, that he hadn’t seek my fish-belly-white backside.
“Yeah, there’s that.”
I’ve yet to indulge myself in January (and you can’t count last week’s trip to Stewart; Jason paid for my soak, since I drove). And I find that I’m in a quandary of what to do for myself (I don’t usually do a lot for myself anyway, so that’s why I’m having such a problem with this).
I’ve got a standing invite to go to Sacramento this weekend to hang out, watch football and drink beer; the hosts have assured me that the weekend is on them, except for gas (so that doesn’t really count, either).
I think I’m closing in on a massage.
I dunno.
Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Get the Titaniums on Ebay and you'll save $50+ .

RachelRenae said...
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RachelRenae said...

Get a tattoo! You're TRANSITIONING!! Get one that's sybolic of what you're coming out of, or where you want to go.

I can't think of anything else guy-ish. Unless you like scented candles and bubblebath and a bottle of wine. But I think everyone likes a bottle of wine.

ThomG said...

Well, sure, bubble bath and scented candles and wine sound like a fine idea. The tattoo sounds good, too. How about a knife slashing at a heart (that's a joke)? Actually, maybe two koi fish?

TheRobRogers said...

No, what you need is a small simple tatoo of Steve Dallas when he was in his body cast. You know, to keep with Rachel's symbolism thingy.

Or, a membership in the potato chip of the month club. That's like the king of self-indulgence. Well, at least the duke. The duke of self-indulgence. No, this is the potato chip of the month club. It's definitely the king of self-indulgence.

RachelRenae said... says of the koi fish: "In tattoo imagery, especially in combination with flowing water, it symbolizes... courage, the ability to attain high goals, and overcoming life's difficulties."

But Rob's potato chip of the month club... you just can't beat that.