My 43 Things

I say I completed my 43 Things, but I never said what those 43 Things were; some are in play, some are in the planning stages, and some I try to accomplish every day.

And here they are:

  1. Weigh 199 pounds, with a healthy body fat percentage (target 11 percent), by Dec. 31, 2007
  2. Strive to become the fearless, happy person I was in my youth
  3. Write something every single day
  4. Stop biting my nails
  5. Find everlasting love
  6. Pray more
  7. Stop beating myself up mentally
  8. Sincerely thank all the people for being in my life
  9. Create a database of birthdays of my friends and family, and never miss one again
  10. Volunteer more
  11. Be assigned to cover the 2008 Summer Olympics
  12. Live in Italy for a year
  13. Read 12 books in 2007 outside my normal comfort level
  14. Visit Australia
  15. Build time into my life to do absolutely nothing
  16. Vacation in Bora Bora for a month
  17. Be independent of credit cards by 2010
  18. Learn Italian
  19. Organize my addresses into one handy file
  20. Buy an alternative pet (rat or aquarium)
  21. Take a yoga class
  22. Treat myself to an indulgence once a month
  23. Publish a piece of original fiction
  24. Live self-sufficiently (off-the-grid) for at least a month, but more like a year
  25. Create more things by my own hands
  26. Try snowboarding
  27. Make love covered head to toe in oil
  28. Trek in Nepal
  29. Get at least one more tattoo
  30. Enter and finish a mountain bike race
  31. Travel to all 50 States
  32. Learn how to write songs
  33. Write poetry and have it published
  34. Buy a new house and entertain, often
  35. Try "la Fée Verte" "the Green Fairy," or Absinthe
  36. Visit Poland, understand where my ancestors came from
  37. Do more with less
  38. Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
  39. Never again eat fast food again
  40. Retrofit my Bridgestone MB-2 into a singlespeed mountain bike
  41. Be more vocal while making love
  42. Solo hike the John Muir Trail
  43. Continue to find the humor in life


Alan said...

Make sure you try REAL absinthe! It would be a shame to waste your money on anything that is not real. Feel free to contact me if you want any advice.

Anonymous said...

#44: Never set foot inside Wal Mart again.

RachelRenae said...

I suggest you combine numbers 26 and 31 by snowboarding in colorful Colorado.

Skigirl said...

41 is probably dependant on achieving 5.

You will never be your 'youth' again and so you shouldn't at 43. Strive to be happy and fearless in a new way in your forties.

And 12 sounds fabulous.

Unknown said...

If you didn't get round to trying the Green Fairy yet, feel fre to contact us - I'd be happy to help you out!