A real world Fiction in 58

Time constraints call for a Fiction in 58.


The voice that used to strike fear at certain octaves has lost its ferocity, its bite. What comes out is feeble, a wobbly gurgle.
You don’t know how to respond, so you don’t. You shake your head - positive or negative - and mumble back.
Cover him up to the neck in fleece, scan his features.
Wonder what to do.


Hal Johnson said...

Wow. Pretty damned evocative for 58 words. Now, please write something I won't like so folks won't think I'm kissin' yer butt.

quin browne said...

this is killing me, this pain expressed.. all i can say is, i know.

quin browne said...

ps what do you need from me?

J.C. Montgomery said...

Simply being there is often enough. There to care, to comfort, to keep warm, to listen, to just...be there. Hugs.