The NaisaiKu.. Challenge

It’s been a lot of time spent in a hospital room this week – pop’s got a staph infection, but is much better, thanks – so The Tension has suffered a bit. My apologies to my early bird readers.

I thought I’d take the NaisaiKu.. Challenge. A NaisaiKu.. is usually made up of two Haiku length poems, the second being a reverse order or mirror image of the first with a CAPITALIZED TITLE inserted between them. Andy Sewina tries to build his in 17 syllables or less for each three line stanza.

Let’s give er’ a whirl:

Friends dance on edges,
dip their toes in swirling lust,
bliss, flesh, laughter, smiles
dip their toes in swirling lust,
friends dance on the edges


SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Hi Thom, this is so fresh and reminds me of my disco days, I remember the girls, dancing round their handbags...

Wendy Naisa said...

Hiya, ThomG, many thanks for taking the NaisaiKu.. Challenge! this week.

I love the line 'dip their toes in swirling lust' - it conjures up a whole host of images for me.

ande said...

Ohhhhh pretty!

spacedlaw said...

I remember the whirling sensation.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Nice image. May I join you?????


Sepiru Chris said...

Nice twist on the format.