Bad knees run in the family

It happened on a dead run, with the conditions a little spongy – what with all the pleasant temperatures recently that melted all the snow and unfroze the ground.
We were chasing squirrels, like we’ve done dozens of time.
Run, Miss. Trot back. Pant. Repeat.
Trinity tore her anterior cruciate ligament in her back left leg Sunday. She pulled up near the tree, tuned and limped back to me. Flopped down on the ground, panting. It was a long, painful walk home. For the both of us.
The vet isn’t sure how badly it’s torn, but suggested surgery. There are two accepted options for dogs.
One runs $1,200.
The other, $3,500.
Trinity is 10 years old.
I told the vet my situation. That I’d do anything for my dog, but that kind of scratch just wasn’t possible (not with an unpaid furlough coming up – the second we’ve had to take this year).
We’re treating her with strict rest, anti-inflammatory medication, pain meds and a ton of glucosamine.
She’s in a bit of pain and that kills me. Mostly, she knows she needs to rest and I’ve set her up in my bedroom, on her dog bed, with her own water bowl.
I ice the knee (she’s OK with it, but looks at me very curiously) with a package of frozen peas.
I spend my time in there, too - reading on the bed, working on the computer, listening to music. I pray that she'll be OK.
Of course, I did the research.
Turns out, there’s a lot of thought – positive and negative – on surgery.
Was told from other vets, from researchers (third-party) at a university vet med center that with her size and weight, Trin would be better off without surgery. Unless the knee just won't heal. And that depends on me.
I have to keep her quiet and resting for four weeks.
Then, we can start rehab. Swimming would be the best.
Anyone have a heated pool they’d like to volunteer?


Heather said...

So sorry to hear about Trinity's injury. I've been in that kind of predicament before with pets, and it's just never easy. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery...