Bad behavior and a new beginning

As I type this, I’m drinking a Manhattan, sucking the barbecue sauce off a pork rib bone, smoking a Dominican cigar and there’s an apple pie in the oven, a pint of Hagen Daas in the freezer and a Porterhouse steak marinating on the counter.
I mainlined French press coffee all day. I ate bagels with cream cheese (twice – for breakfast and with friends at brunch).
Dinner will be the Porterhouse, medium rare, baked potato with all the trimmings and spinach wilted in garlic and bacon fat.
And more bourbon (oh, that smoky goodness).
Sunday, Second Sister’s work is hosting a pancake feed, one of the largest in the city (and frankly, there are many; Midwesterners like their carbo-cakes). I’m going to eat a shitload, and wash them down with coffee and a couple of Cokes. I’m hoping the meal includes bacon; barring that, sausage.
Sunday night’s dinner is a (slight) repeat; New York strip, medium rare, salad with blue cheese, fries – with Velveeta cheese on them. Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, slightly chilled, for desert.
And then….
A fast. A 21-day cleansing of the mind, body and soul.
A strict, nearly vegan diet. No drinking (yipes). No caffeine (yipes).
No catching a meal, in a bowl, over the sink.
(Hey, it's worth a shot.)
Because, I need a new, fresh beginning. I need to do things for me.
Lift my spirits (and, with help from Matthew, cleanse my spirit).
Maybe there will be some shrinkage of my head, so I can get it out of my ass.


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Wow...wish I was your neighbor...but in lieu of own similar feast and a Manhattan...Hats off to you and may your head get smaller, too...three weeks egad!

Matthew G. said...

Thom G.... I'm proud of you brother. I think I'll go on a partial fast with you for moral support, but also with some prayer and thanksgiving for both of us. Life, God, and friendship all look and feel better with a sober mind and a clean spirit. Peace be with you, bro.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear ThomG,

Fasts take time; they're slow.

Good luck on the road you've chosen.

Next time just come visit in Hong Kong.

The unusualness of the place can let you find yourself in your own thoughts, and, you can find fascinating, and enjoyable, and novel fare to deal with your fast.

And experientially, well, this ain't Kansas, Toto.

Chinese food in China is nothing like Chinese food adapted to an American or Canadian or English or German or Spanish (insert country here) palate.

I of course only know you through the words and persona you project. And I've always received the sense that you are far too self-critical.

I suspect you would be difficult at times, but also a very enjoyable houseguest.

But that is my copper penny contribution.

I am sure that your muses will be shaken up by the stirring of the environment.

I wish you, and them, well.