Opportunity knocks

Friends who know of my little opportunity coo that it’s serendipity; another upheaval in a life that’s seen it’s share of disorder over a short period of years.
“It’s a great move, I’ll pray for you.”
“You deserve it.”
“Dude, good for you. But another move?”
I’ve once done something for the money, and it ended up being a really dark time in my life. So that colors my judgment.
I just want to be happy.
And settled.
Is that too much to ask?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I've ever really cooed. I've bawled, howled, and certainly lamented. I'm quite certain I've sniveled, sobbed, and even wailed (and that's not a pretty sight). Friends tell me I whimper a lot and I instantly yowl right back at them in reply. But coo? I'm quite sure I've never really done that. And having said that, I'm quite sure I know not of your little opportunity.

maintain radio contact. . .

missalister said...

Do what you gotta do, man. I’m from the school of follow-your-heart-and-you-can’t-go-wrong, and from personal experience, I can attest to that truth. The caveat seems to be, though, that the head may give up the driver’s seat to the heart but it will always be trying to boss from the back seat ;-)

Avari said...

With life we can't ever be really certain of anything, but I've learned that good motivations beget good results. I wish you best luck and happiness with your move!

Sepiru Chris said...

I like the aural flash of cooing friends.

As to your question... maybe it is.

Don't ask. Just take. You can always apologize later. Or is that the dark side talking?