Words to count on: Fiction in 58

It’s a little exercise called Fiction in 58; tell a story in 58 words, no more, not less.

Birdman of East 26th Ave.
He’s crouched on the roof peak, ass on ankles like an old Asian woman, balanced precariously, weaves slightly - a bird on a wire.
From the vantage point, he shades piercing blue eyes, scouts trouble.
He’s the Birdman, protector of the neighborhood, a vigilante in Chuck Taylor All-Stars.
The neighbors, alas, have called the fire department - again.


Anonymous said...

I like it. Get in, get out, nobody gets hurt. One leaves with just a hint of a question about this dude, the mark of a good little yarn.

53 and sunny in NoCal, dry as a bone...

Anonymous said...

Bird’s been the word, has been a hit, like “ass on ankles like an old Asian woman” is today’s big hit :-D

Gemma Wiseman said...

Love how there is a sense that the guy maybe hasn't come to terms yet with choosing to fly a fantasy or take a suicidal jump. Though obviously the latter, either way, would be the end result!