I scribbled a Six in the dark on a notepad

Lots of bits and pieces made the notebook overnight. Including an entire Six Sentence contribution that too rough to submit to Rob. I don't mind sharing it here:

Halfway House
Blinking neon flashes a desperate slideshow across cracked plaster; wet heat spills from a hissing radiator.
The squelch, the flickered light, is a dagger that slips slowly into my brainpan, slowly killing me.
Nights are the worst, you know, for the formally institutionalized – those guests of the national court system.
It’s not like I can’t get up, walk a half-block, sit in the smoky stir of a broke-down bar and sip slowly on a brew and relax.
If this were a movie, that scene would be called a “flashback.”
Dude should have minded his own fucking business – DA said I was lucky, aggravated manslaughter is only a five-year hitch, two years probation.


quin browne said...

send it....

Anonymous said...

Like Q said - send it!

ThomG said...

Maybe after an edit, Rob. I've got a couple of things to send, however.

quin browne said...

*trying not to look too smug*