Giving back in a time of crisis

Seth was prepared.
He had already picked out two Christmas books that I would read to him.
"You can go first - and I think this one."
It was "Olive, the Other Reindeer" by Vivian Walsh.
Damn if I didn't keep getting choked up.
Big blubberhead.
So we're discussing all things Christmas and he's telling me that he didn't know what he was getting, since he had asked for so much, "I kinda forgot what I asked for. Besides, my mom said not to ask for so much. She's on a budget."
Times will probably be tough at Seth's house.
It's tough all over.
I was asked to work on a story about nonprofits and if they're seeing any drop-off in donations this year. I talked to national researchers, who said not as much as people might think. People tend to give if they can. When they can. They see that others are huring even worse.
The charitable leaders in SoDak confirmed it.
Except the local Salvation Army Toy Drive was having trouble getting new, unwrapped toys. The Major said there might not be enough to go around when baskets are delivered next week.
And not getting a gift at Christmas sucks.
It takes a lot for me to darken the doors at Wal-Mart.
That's why I'm late in posting.
I was in Wal-Mart.
I spent $100 buying all sorts of cool stuff. Barbi dolls and Hot Wheels sets; games - Chutes & Ladders, Battleship, Connect 4, Yatzee, Sorry - stuffed animals; Play-Doh; Fisher Price stuff; Nerf footballs, little doll set thingies.
A C-note goes a tremendously long way at the Low-Priced Leader.
I don't have much, but I have more than most. Some of you do as well.
I actually had fun, pushing my way through the aisles, just dumping toys into a shopping cart while people watched.
I didn't do it for recognition.
I just did it, because it felt right.
Because I've seen tough times.
A child shouldn't.
Shit, now I'm all choked up again.
Feels great.


Anonymous said...

Go Thom! Now jonesing for a Tension post has turned into choked up. So! I'll hafta see 'bout that angel tree : )

quin browne said...

*big grin*

<3 your big <3.